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Welcome to the Penn Township Sport Court Park!

--- Mission Statement----

To build a diverse community of people through the enjoyment of the games of Pickleball and Tennis, and to foster friendships, both on and off the court.


We offer 2 dedicated Pickleball Courts and 1 Tennis Court, which converts to 4 Pickleball Courts.

**Pickleball and Tennis Only on Courts Please**

All ability levels are welcome to play!

Follow us on Facebook (PennTownshipPickleball) for updated information.

A couple resources to help learn and improve your game: 

Court Safety

  • Wear proper court shoes (smooth sole).

  • Do NOT back up on the court.  Instead, turn and move sideways.

  • Do NOT run into other active courts when playing your ball.

  • Do NOT chase your ball through other active courts if it gets away from you.  Call “BALL ON COURT” so people are aware that a ball might be underfoot and wait for others to return the ball.  Raise your hand or paddle so they know where to return the ball.

  • When retrieving a loose ball, identify whose ball it is before returning it.  E.g. look for players waving at you.  Do NOT just roll, kick or flick the ball out of your way.  Make eye contact and, with ball in hand, throw or hit it back (in the air) to the player identified.  When possible return the ball behind the courts.

  • STOP play immediately if a loose ball comes on your court or behind it.  Shout “BALL ON COURT”.  Wait for the ball to be safely returned.  Then replay your rally.

  • When going to and from a court be aware and stay well clear of other active players and courts.  If you must cross a court in play, wait for the rally to end and get the attention of the players.  Walk together “as a group” quickly to minimize disruption – and don’t cross while players are getting ready to serve.

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